I Said: Just do it! we a have an expression says:

As far as you don’t ask we are agree

As soon as you ask we are disagree!

She said: I think it can be true for any nation!



I feel better these days!

We played squash today and it was great,since Judy is not here, so  I won all the games!

Honestly, I didn’t meant it,I mean I play because i enjoy and don’t want any body feels that i am using sneaky trick just to win! but i could see that everybody who was playing with me ,trying hard and at the end they were like: o,my God, you are killing me!any way I tried hard to be nice:)

Janet was back from her trip to Iran , and she said she liked Isfahan.She said they went to Qom, for entering to a big Mosque,Tour guide has given them Chador,and for borrowing those chadors; she has told the guy that they want to convert to Islam!! I don’t know why but she also has told them that don’t mention that you are Americans!

I said: I think she is kind of so crazy conservative… !I mean the tour guide!

I have made some Lasagna ?  and I’m waiting for Ali .

I know that my daughter is gonna love it, I think she could has been Italian in her past life:)


Since morning i had heartbeat very strange!

I thought I’d better to go for swimming and relax,not a bad idea;but i had to be fast ,today W.club had a lunch meeting and it was some kind of opinion poll for the logo.

Two months ago we gathered and decided to change the logo, Three of us had an idea ; I asked Habib to make something with  Qiz Qalasi , Zahra made Pomegranate Trees and Nataly made round  logo with Pomegranate itself.

All was nice,I liked the one which Habib did not because i asked him it is really artistic:)

It was supposed to get the opining of all member today.

Beside crazy traffic jam these days,I managed to get there by 12:15.Azza Restaurant ,ISR Plaza.Parked the car in McDonolds’ parking .( one of my worries is finding right place to park!)

I was so pleased to see all the freinds specially Sheila , Jenifer and Catherine.We could see  many new young faces as member, that’s nice.

oh… i am gonna missed them!

At our table we were 6 from 6 different countries: Portugal, Peru, Russia,  Moldavia, Trinidad and Iran interesting ha?

It was very relaxing time specially when my logo got acceptance of the most.:)

I took my daughter to music school, she is kind of dessert lover!so i made her a Nescafe cake and enjoyed when she was eating and her eyes were shining!

I wish Ali was here too:)

These days

These days I don’t know my feeling! kind of worry and wait.

I konw I have nothing to do with that issue ,still …

Iam waiting for June…

God ! please

You are the only one i can trust and ask for everything.

Love you God!


I didn’t know that how much I love this Game!

It was almost 3 months since last time ; I couldn’t go  for several reasons, finally today ; I managed to go and play with  Judi.There was no other woman and it was a surprise!

Thursdays are Social Squash and free! so everyone try not to miss it !

I really enjoyed every moment.

Yes! I’m a beginner,I can imagine how much professionals enjoy.Last year I found that I love swimming! and Now I love squash! you see !

World War

An Indonesian Muslim activist wears a placard picturing US President George W. Bush, during a rally against Israeli military attacks on Gaza, in front of the US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia

so sad!